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Originally Posted by ckp160 View Post
I'm a pretty liberal guy. I'm for freedom of choice and all that. However, I can't get behind post birth abortion. There's a word for that.... MURDER.
What's happening is the extreme left is turning the post birth thing into a women's rights issue. They're saying "her body her choice". If you don't agree with the post birth thing somehow you're a right wing crackpot who is a misogynist.

Something that should be addressed is the fact that post birth abortions are extremely rare. It's basically a mistake happened. They tried to abort, it wasn't successful and the baby was born alive. I don't know how much time should be wasted on arguing over something that is extremely rare. Something like less than a hundred happen a year? Statistically that's a huge rarity.
Its higher than 100. Can't remember the source. I think there are generally around 400-500k abortions a year in the US. Of those there are a few thousand late term, and they are not all due to medical complications. Its a small number percentage wise compared to the total number of abortions, but thats a lot.

There is a lot of word manipulation when it comes to the pro abortion backers, by design. I believe the current head of PP said to the effect why hide whats actually going on and the services they provide and make their money on.
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