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Originally Posted by irishwavend View Post
That's an oversimplification of the issue. For the pro-life folks, abortion is about the right to the opportunity of life. Death penalty, however, is about accountability and deterrence - you have proven that you cannot function reasonably in our society and there are consequences. The executioner is not the one who killed you - you killed yourself. I don't think the reasons you get the death penalty are so far out there that you'd say, yes, I want that person to live next door to me. The convicted knew the rules, violated them, and knew or should have known that the consequence is death for doing something for which there is no excuse. ABSOLUTELY no excuse.

For a kid in the womb, they haven't had that opportunity, yet. The pro-life folks simply argue that the child should get its chance. Re: death penalty, I'll pull that f'ing trigger all day long and have a clear conscience knowing that you signed your death warrant, not me.
It is, but isnt that the point? We automatically take sides of this equation with complete disregard to life. Why? Because it fits our narrative? Playing GOD is still playing GOD.
As for the Emory College article you mentioned, I find it hard to believe-study or not- that a murderous criminal is actually stopping and thinking, well, maybe I wont kill this guy today because Im in a state where I might get the death penalty.

As for pulling that lever for the electric chair, their was a good show that explained how these executioners have deep depression and psychological trauma after the fact. There was a reason back in the day when they lined a guy up against the wall they put one bullet in a ransoms soldiers gun so that nobody knew who was the one who actually killed the person.

I would also like to say, I have not actually shared my true feelings on this matter. Im only interested in the banter of this discussion. It is really one that intrigues me.
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