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Originally Posted by irishwavend View Post
Death penalty, however, is about accountability and deterrence - you have proven that you cannot function reasonably in our society and there are consequences. The executioner is not the one who killed you - you killed yourself. I don't think the reasons you get the death penalty are so far out there that you'd say, yes, I want that person to live next door to me. The convicted knew the rules, violated them, and knew or should have known that the consequence is death for doing something for which there is no excuse. ABSOLUTELY no excuse.
Except for those who are wrongfully convicted and placed on death row. It happens more than you think.

Netflix has a very interesting series called 'The Innocent Man'. It is a six part series that tracks 4 men wrongfully convicted in Ada, Oklahoma, one of whom was 5 days away from execution when a stay was ordered. Fascinating documentary of a book by John Grisham; it's his only non-fiction book. Definitely worth a view.

I'm not actually completely against the death penalty but as more and more comes to light I think I'd prefer to abolish it and just keep people in prison rather than execute them.

Sorry to go so off topic.

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