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Originally Posted by ObieKnobbe View Post
The problem with the baby is going to die anyways thing is that once you open that can of worms you will never limit it or close it. Sure, ya start with anencephaly or some other thing that will kill the child within a few days as the only way the abortion can be performed, but everyone knows that won't be enough and the far left will want it to be opened up to many more mutations, diseases, etc.
I have a question, if a mother is killed while pregnant with a fetus that has a disorder that is considered ok to abort should the murderer be left off a second count of murder?
Careful now. Sounds like you're opening the "slippery slope" argument. There are those on DomerDomain that seem to get triggered when you start that type of commentary.

Also, your question is similar to a question posed by a professor in one of my sons' college courses a few months ago. If in a robbery, the robber shoots a pregnant woman and the fetus/baby dies, should the robber be charged with murder? If so, then why are mothers and doctors not charged with murder when they abort a fetus/baby at the same stage of development (regardless of inherited disorders) as the one injured by the robber?
There are reasonable answers on different sides of the discussion, but it is thought provoking.
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