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I think in this particular case with the Virginia governor, it goes past the abortion debate and simply moves into infanticide. I donít know that it is fair to claim this as a true batte of the merits, or lack thereof, of abortion availability. Instead, these are people hijacking the abortion debate to support infanticide. I mean, if you can ďabortĒ a kid in the womb, and then subsequently rescuscitate the child once it comes out if the mother changes her mind, youíre talking about a human truly living in the womb. As mentioned above, this isnít debating theories regarding clumps of cells or the symbiotic relationship of a fetus that requires its mother for survival. The kids at issue, here, are just that - full blown children.

In my opinion, this governor and his like-minded affiliates are criminals on the same level as child sex predators. There is something very wrong about the articulated position that, again, really has nothing to do with true abortion.
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