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At the end of the last recruiting cycle we were talking about BKs recruiting classes and the quality. Essentially, he has had some quality classes in overall average player rating but they were missing 2-3 very high to elite guys in each class to take them up a notch. This is the comparison I posted

2019 - .9094 (adjusted to remove P Bramblett)
2018 - .9005
2017 - .8980 (adjusted to remove K Doerer)
2016 - .8934 (adjusted to remove LS Shannon)
2015 - .9067 (adjusted to remove K Yoon)
2014 - .8974 (adjusted to remove P Newsome)
2013 - .9230 (Jaylon and Co.)

This current class has a average rating of .9293 (adjust to remove the LS). This also includes Alexander Ehrensbeger who I feel is slightly underrated. I have a hard time thinking he should be rated worse than Ade Ogundeji was in high school. That is not a knock on Ade but on the ranking. Ade played poor competition but tested pretty well. It seems the Ehrensberger tests well and trains with a former D1/NFL player that Ade did not (though missing the camp Barton Simmons was at likely hurt Ehrensberger in the rankings). Either way my point is that overall ranking could be slightly higher.

Now looking at it a little deeper. ND has landed a few very high/elite guys this cycle. Baker, Johnson and Botelho with a strong chance at Phillips III, McGregor, Tyree, and Ransom/Thompson/Morant. Kristian Sotry may fall into this category too. That is a real shot at 5 of the type of players ND has been landing 1 or 0 of in the past few years. They need to close but very positive start. As I keep saying this is the year for ND to truly show they have a program and not just a football team.

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