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Originally Posted by Jim2Dokes View Post
You still have not refuted my points. You can cherry pick my posts, I am not going to allow you to play the victim when you are constantly making comments about AOC, socialism, antififa and then trying to balance card. Most republicans I know, donít even know who antifia is. Your posts as Jimbo mentioned are clear indications whether you mean them or not that all left leaning folks support these things you mention and you always respond trying to pigeon hole me and others into these microaisms. So please donít play the victim. Donít assume your wife is more liberal than me either maybe she is I donít care, just thought I would throw that in there since we are talking about
assumptions and all.

With all the hard right talking points, AOC, Venezuela, love for Sidney Powell, antififa bad, protests etc. my mind would blow if I saw you walk into a booth and vote for a democrat. uhh I forgot to add the biggest of them all the main stream media.
Okay. You got me. Case closed. You win.
But just to actually know someone who doesnít know what Antifa is? Really? I donít.
I do appreciate that youíve upped your game and provide references now. Some of them are pretty good. I just donít seem to have the amount of time necessary to delve into methodology of research and reporting of some of those references, but some are indeed pretty good on the surface.
I canít remember claiming to be a victim.
Iím glad you canít see me vote. It might be too messy to have to clean up your blown mind.
Thank you for this nice Sunday morning discussion. I find I must move on to other endeavors.
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