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Originally Posted by Jim2Dokes View Post
Board? That socialist board! You speak in two tounges my friend. You donít also hold that GOP govt in Indiana a bit responsible?

From the internet:

Police officers started to form unions in the early 1900s in conjunction with the labor movement that was sparked by the industrial revolution.

The earliest example of why police officers started to form unions is commonly associated with the Boston Police Department.

Boston police officers did not receive pay increases from 1898 through 1913. In addition, they were often required to work 72 hours per week and pay for their own uniforms.

In 1919, Boston cops unionized affiliated with the American Federation of Labor (AFL).

After unionizing, 17 of the union leaders were suspended, which led to the majority of Bostonís police officers walking off the job. Violence in the city ensued after the walkout and, needless to say, after this occurred police officers were prevented from striking.

Despite this incident police officers would continue to unionize and, as a result, most police officers belong to some sort of collective bargaining unit today.

Our younger officers simply may not know that if it were not for unionization, they would not enjoy many of the benefits (wages, rights and working conditions) they enjoy today.
I hold both sides of the aisle responsible for mismanaging spending in the government at all levels. There has been a long history of our pension system, which used to be through the cities themselves at a local level. In the 80's it was decided that the state "needed" to step in and create a state funded system for police and fire. Since that time both sides have looked to fix their poor fiscal decisions by dipping into the funds that are well managed, like our pension, which wasn't designed as a piggy bank for the government to use whenever they want.

Regarding unions I have a lot of opinions about them. We formed our own bargaining unit for the PD some years ago, after we finally and thankfully got away from Teamsters. It's not perfect but we are more engaged than we were, and I don't have to worry about my dues going to political candidates at all. Like jbrown_9999 cheekily mentioned about our "benevolent" employer, the government, and your historical factoid about police unions is one of the reasons I am unionized.

No I don't believe you can privatize LE. There have been experiments in that area in the past like the Pinkerton Detective Agency, among others, that didn't work out. There are hundreds of reasons why law enforcement specifically shouldn't privatize.
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