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Originally Posted by SpeedsterX View Post
Our pension fund here in Indiana has had great governance and that is why we have a surplus. So much so that the Gov't has been trying to get their hands on it for years. This year they finally got our pension leadership to agree that they can dip into it IF there's a State emergency. I AM SO PISSED! You just know this is just the beginning of them getting their greedy hands on my pension. I have NO clue WHAT the damn State pension leadership is thinking! Also, our city and county paramedics are city funded. Very few private ambulance services here.
Yea that sucks Speedy. I can't believe your board caved like that allowing the state a toe hold into the fund. After all whats going to define an "emergency", fairly subjective definition. Knowing how government works I'd expect an "emergency" to pop up pretty soon, and from then on you can probably set your calendar to them.
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