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Pension and healthcare are benefits of many jobs. My father had both for 40 years at a private factory until he retired, now he collects his pension. I pay into my pension system as does my employer, just like every pension system. I dont qualify for social security or won't when i retire. I live in the city I work in, therefore my taxes pay for my pay and benefits, as well as all the teachers and public employees here.

My pension may not even be there when I retire. You understand that it just like social security goes towards paying beneficiaries who have already retired right? None of it is earmarked in an account specifically with my name on it like a 401k. With a pen stroke it can all go away for me and others. Our pension system for police and fire is very well managed, which is partly the reason its constantly in the crosshairs.

So social security is paid for by the poor and is to only benefit the poor? What defines those parameters? Does someone who paid in tbe bare minimum of credits to social security, allowed to draw benefits exceeding their contribution indefinitely?
Wrong. Not anymore. That was my argument. I agree pensions and healthcare should be benefits I was playing devils advocate because republicans have been railing against is for years. See Scott Walkers union laws as a perfect example. Your father only had those benefits because of unions and even if he was not apart of one his employer was forced to compete with union jobs to offer them. You are apart of a union. You have said that you would not want to privatize police and fire, maybe that does not work in your situation. We are already privatizing every prison, why not the police. Write those tickets for investors, bring in Blackwater, fire the non performers. The. They can merge with the prisons! Oh so much fun thinking about the “free” libertarian world.
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