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Originally Posted by jessemoore97 View Post
Realistically and somewhat sad to admit, most of my news feeds come from Yahoo. Its my homepage when I click on the net. Don't know why I choose that site, but its where I get quick updates on their feds, basically since college when I started web surfing. So at least on my viewing of Yahoo and all its various links, most of it is exclusively liberal news links like: Huffpo, Salon, Vice, WSJ, WashPo, CNn, MSNBC etc etc. Sure the may be Fox News articles once in awhile or another conservative news sources, but the vast majority are liberal outlets.

So that in mind, when AOC or Omar or whoever says or does something, I simply go to Yahoo and scroll through their related links. And vola article after article with the headlines about those people appear from those same liberal outlets, and probably Fox too. Even more disturbing IMO is just about every one of those articles reads the same...eerily so. Its almost as if some larger power forces these companies to drone on and on with the same unoriginal talking points and agenda. Not conspiracy mind you since most are owned by the same corporations pushing the narrative.

I don't have to read or watch Fox, Breitbart, or whoever you think I do to get news. All I need is the who, what, when, where, why, and how. I can formulate my own thoughts on the news based on my beliefs and values and have an opinion, its calked free thinking. I can't help if there are other people out there who share conservative ideas, Fox etc certainly don't have a monopoly on it.

I certainly enjoy podcasts like LWC, Owen Benjamin, Tim Pool, Styxhexenhammer, etc when I have time. Two of those are far from conservative thinkers, and there are others I enjoy who are liberal but support values like free speech and are against PC culture run amok.
Other than Tim Pool, who leans a little right those are all far right podcasts FYI. Owen Benjamin is self described alt right and believes the earth is flat. This is okay! It’s fine that you enjoy these right wing programs, but the original argument stemmed from you saying that liberal media outlets have been the ones covering aoc. I challenged that, with evidence that fox brought her up over 3000 times in two weeks. I am just pointing out that the right wants to characterize AOC and Omar because it creates fear. Both are of other cultures that scare the right and have some radical ideas. This gets the right all frazzled and scared so they will click more headlines and watch more programming. I think it is very unfair to them that they are constantly attacked when there are 463 others that do the same job everyday. Want to attack Pelosi? Fine, she’s the speaker and has a lot of power.

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