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Originally Posted by Kelly Gruene View Post
I actually love a lot of AOCís ideas.
I love how she stimulates a conversation.
I also love how far right-wingers stimulate conversation.
Itís the extremes that start the conversations. Itís the ďmiddlesĒ who get things done.
Unfortunately CNN, Fox, and people on Facebook present factual information from very slanted points of view and that keeps us divided. These media sources make it look like most people are on the far right or far left and demons if not agreeing with their points of view. I believe most Americans are relative Centrists, blowing to one side or the other of center depending on how their wallets are doing.
I look at Facebook one time a week now. I donít even read my local paper any more. My morning reading now consists of: South China Morning Post, The Guardian, Al Jazeera News, and various Russian news sources. They present meaningful global news and are not so caught up in the (in my opinion) day to day ramblings of US far right and far left media darlings.
Getting rid of cars and airplanes is a good idea? That hypocrite spent thousands of $ on uber during her campaign when the train was available. Plus, Jake Tapper murdered her in an interview. She had ZERO clue on how to pay for any of it.
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