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Originally Posted by jbrown_9999 View Post
I saw a brief video clip of the murals but it was more focused on the reaction and not so much on the murals themselves. During this clip, it was difficult to see what was so disturbing about the pictures. Does anyone know what is considered to the be the main complaint about them?
I would venture to guess that Columbus as the subject matter is what's offensive. Personally I don't care one way or another about Columbus, and I've thought the holiday was dumb since I was a kid. Then I started learning more about history and became fascinated by the possibility of lots of other easterners from Europe, Asia, or Africa coming to North America, pre-dating Columbus by hundreds of years in some theories possibly millennia in others.

So in a way the Columbus thing is kind of the reverse of the Confederate Statue debate around the country. That is people have made the case that monuments or statues aren't erected for the defeated or "losers". Technically Columbus was on the "winning" team. Not trying to justify things, just following the logical conclusion to a point that has been made, to the victors go the spoils.

My stance is always be careful when dealing with history. You have to know the good and bad, and remember it to apply going forward.
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