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Originally Posted by dangeruss View Post
im really surprised he's that low, I thought he would be closer to 100 than 200.
I am as well because he really dominated the camp circuit this summer. I think him not going to The Opening (due to injury) really hurt him. But he will be at the All American Bowl, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him make a big move after that week.

It's interesting how much a disparity there is between Rivals and 247 for ND's top recruits:

Jordan Johnson: #21 (Rivals) vs. #65 (247)
Chris Tyree: #40 (Rivals) vs. #63 (247)
Tosh Baker: #44 (Rivals) vs. #43 (247)
Michael Mayer: #58 (Rivals) vs. #72 (247)
Drew Pyne: #100 (Rivals) vs. #458 (247)
Kevin Bauman: #127 (Rivals) vs. #509 (247)
Rylie Mills: #160 (Rivals) vs. #165 (247)
Jordan Botelho: #211 (Rivals) vs. #41 (247)

With the exception of Botelho, Rivals is much higher on ND guys than 247. It's pretty remarkable that 247 rates Drew Pyne 358 spots lower than Rivals, and Kevin Bauman 382 spots lower. Even the highest rated guys - Johnson and Tyree - are ranked at least 20 spots lower on 247 than Rivals.
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