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Originally Posted by irishwavend View Post
Keep the Electoral College because popular vote is not what is intended by our union. The states were willing to give up some rights to join the U.S., but giving up their proportional say as to who is president of the union is not one of them. The states joined on a limited basis and this is one of those limits. If a state wants to give up wholesale electors, that's fine, but I'll tell you that the conservative states aren't going to do that for a variety of reasons which means, you're just giving conservatives more votes if you're a liberal state.

In reality, this entire argument is just sour grapes from people who live in New York and California. They think they get to dictate what the entire country does based on the mobs that overcrowd their cities and have been indoctrinated into their bullsh*t socialist culture.
You nailed it, my friend, Agree with you 110%!!
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