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I've been counting down the days since last season - checking various ND websites multiple times a day for any scrap of info on the team. We finally have real football games to watch and talk about - I am absolutely pumped.

I think there just hasn't been a lot of buzz about ND leading up to the season. The team has been pretty much set since the Spring - when the depth chart was released this week, I felt like most people reacted with a shrug. It's not because it's not a potentially great team, but it's because we have known who all of the major players are since the Spring Game. Outside of Kyle Hamilton, I can't think of any great revelations about an unknown player as a result of August camp. We know the guys who will carry this team, and we've known who they are for 8 months.

ND has been consistently a very good team the last two years - 22-4 is pretty remarkable considering the 4-8 record in 2016 and the generally mediocre seasons before that. I think BK has the program in the best place it's been since Holtz - the team has great athletes, recruiting is in a good spot, player development is really good, facilities are starting to catch up to the major CFP contenders... it's a good time to be a Notre Dame fan.

I have noticed that there is a lack of hype about ND this year, whether from the national media, ND beat writers, or ND fans. I think most predict ND to finish 9-3 or 10-2, with pretty much everyone saying that we can't beat Georgia. It says a lot about the state of the program that there isn't a ton of excitement about a potential 10-win team. I would have done anything for consistent 10-win seasons a decade ago. Now, it's expected. This could potentially be 4 out of the last 5 seasons of at least 10 wins. When is the last time that happened? As I said, this program is in the best place it's been in the last 25 years.

Everyone said that ND would go 9-3 last year. Couldn't possibly beat Michigan. Couldn't seriously contend for the CFP. Who would have known that Ian Book would have emerged as a Top 10 QB nationally, or that ND would have it's best defense since 2012. That's the great thing about college football - it is completely unpredictable and you really don't know what you'll get from one week to the next. I am pumped for the season to finally start and see if ND can take that next step and get closer to the Georgia, Oklahoma, and Ohio State and be consistent contenders for the CFP. I am more pumped that there are real football games being played for the next 3 months. Go Irish.
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