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Originally Posted by irishwavend View Post
It's easy to judge recent history when Ty was offering this kind of kids and they never panned out. As far as Darius Walker, he was a 3 star for a reason. He had zero breakaway ability. He never should have been the feature back, but a 3rd down back. The kid could never get it out of second gear. When people make comparisons of 2 stars that have turned into something, I have to ask: Do you know how many 2 stars are out there??? A ton! Your chance of having a 2 star turn into something is pretty small. To Kelly's credit, he turned Gilyard and the 2 QBs into something, but how will that translate past the heart of the offense? Can he turn somebody at a less essential position into something? The system is highly responsible for the success of Kelly's 3 2 stars. How will they do in the NFL? The same as Tebow (which is zero productivity as a QB)? Tebow is a product of a system who will be a better coach than NFL player. Remarkably, people still claim Tebow is a great NFL prospect the same way the hyped Jamarcus Russell. Are Gilyard and the 2 QBs going to fall prey to the same undeserved hype? Possibly. You can argue the system makes players look better than they are, the same way Mike Leach has a prolific offense, but very few productive NFL prospects, if any.
I think you're pretty much correct here...It comes down to who has an ability to see talent where others don't. In my experience even professional people miss the mark a lot of the time. Identifying talent is a skill like any other. It seems like we would have enough history to determine if BK can do this or not...How have his projects in total turned out? Calling all industrious DDer's...
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