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Default Fundraiser for Irish Convert (moved here 1 day for exposure)

Our brother has fallen on some tough times... this weekend I plan on digging out some Irish autographed items to donate to the cause. I will be auctioning off chances to win lots. Will work our details and logistics this weekend. Draws will take place via random number generator. Raffle tickets will likely be in $10 increments. 100% of proceeds will go to Irish Convert to do with what he wishes.

Most items will be signed photos (16x20) as I will have to pay to ship to winners.

If there is enough interest, I may throw in a big ticket item that will be sure to garner some interest.

Drop a line below if you think you’d be interested in participating. I know for sure I have items signed by Eifert, Rudolph, Bettis and Quinn that I will put up...

Stay tuned...
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