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Cool House Rules

House Rules:

1. Do not disrespect other posters. Mods or Admin, we are here to keep the board a friendly house to gather around.

2. Keep the language under control.

3. No flaming allowed.

4. Do not register an inappropriate handle.

5. Do not post anything racist or sexist.

6. Do not start malicious+disparaging rumors. Malicious+disparaging rumors started on any Notre Dame message board spread VERY quickly. We do not want to start any damaging rumors here that could potentially make it across the entire internet. Now obviously there might be the occasional "recruiting rumblings", "new coach mentionings", "injury speculations", "disciplinary assumptions",...etc.; but when any of these rumors cross the line and become malicious+disparaging, the DD staff reserves the right to lock or delete. Domer Domain will define "malicious+disparaging" as the unequivocally harmful intent to cause pain or spite/hurt. Some users may be deliberate with their intent and others' accidental, but in either case, both will be dealt with for the betterment of Domer Domain and its members.

7. Do not give out personal information on the forums that you would not want complete strangers to know. If you feel that you want to give someone that information, send a private message. is not responsible for anything that happens because of this sort of release of information.

8. Don't post anything from a pay service here or any other copyrighted content. (linking all articles)

9. Don't talk about a member, player or recruit, in an attacking manner. This go's with #1 as well. Some members go to great lengths to find a source, then report it to DD. Be respectful of them and their post. If you disagree, say so and move on.

10. No advertisements allowed.

11. Please do not post a picture that is copyrighted without the owners consent.

12. Don't be an a$$hole. There are plenty of sites to go to if this is your intent.

Please stop by every now and again as some rules may be added.

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