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Originally Posted by Donjuan View Post
The pressures of being a starting QB at Notre Dame for an entire year-plus compared to the pressures of being a backup QB--sandwiched between an experienced starter with great athleticism and a young PA high school legend--probably widely differ.

Hope he eventually learns to manage that difference and get some of that care-free Favre back. You almost have to be a complete sociopath to play QB at ND with Kelly as the coach, imo. No emotion. Just cold, black, dark, eyes. Every emotional upswing and Kelly-inspired lead zeppelin, simply rolls off Ian's back as he flip-tosses his majestic 'stache and proceeds to shotgun a warm can of Jolt.

Let's hope the defenses Book lines up against--from here on out--need a bigger boat I honestly forgot where I was going with this DO NOT TELL ME HE SHAVED HIS STACHE LET US PRAY. -DJ

I think that’s just it. You don’t have to be a sociopath with no emotion under Kelly to succeed. I think you need the exact opposite. I think you need that Brett Farve slingers mentality. I had a coach just like this in high school baseball. Great coach but beat you down where all the players played scared. Not this guy. Exact opposite and we butted heads for three years. Guess who he trusted the most when the game was on the line. You got it...this guy. Loose and free and trusting yourself is the only way to play. Confidence helps. As I said in the chat, Kelly was indeed right at the end of the game.l when talking about Book. I could tell exactly what he was saying. “Book needs to trust in himself, not try to do too much every play. Trust in his abilities and so on.” This to me is the first time I could actually see Kelly changing his coaching right in front of me. I loved it when he got in his face on the sidelines. It was brief. It was to tell him to play his game. That’s all Book needs to do. Go out there and fling it and he’ll be fine.
Frankly, I would like for Kelly and Long to get him confidence by rolling him out on the run. Have a few play tricks up your sleeve to have him having fun. Double reverse with him catching a touchdown. Book is a guy who would thrive off this.
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