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Conversation Between FaithInIrishForever and OklahomaIrish
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  1. FaithInIrishForever
    07-27-2014 01:13 AM
    I'm Thinking
    17. Okwara
    18. Cam McDaniel
    19. Isaac Rochell
    20. Chris Brown
    21. Joe Schmidt
    22. Will Fuller
    23. Tony Springmann
    24. Amir Carlisle
    25. Elijah Shumate
    26. CJ Prosise
    27. Steve Elmer

    You can alter you wait for others if you want, your thread..
  2. OklahomaIrish
    07-27-2014 12:22 AM
    OK. Gotta be Okwara, will start it tonight.
  3. OklahomaIrish
    07-26-2014 04:38 AM
    I think we are on no. 17 ... who do you want next?
  4. OklahomaIrish
    07-25-2014 05:44 AM
    Brian, I lost my list. Who's next??
  5. FaithInIrishForever
    07-22-2014 12:08 AM

    next 2 are:

    15. Ishaq Williams
    16. Greg Bryant

    at this pace we'll need to 35 players because we're averaging more then 1 every 2 days. No Biggie.
  6. OklahomaIrish
    07-21-2014 11:48 PM
    Are we sitting on 16 players right now?? Things are going by pretty fast.
  7. FaithInIrishForever
    07-21-2014 08:11 PM
    I like Ishaq there as well. Getting tougher because remember in my original list I wasn't alternating. When I started the list for this thread and we mutually decided to Move Golson was when I wanted to alternate.

    For 16 would you like to go with Fuller or Bryant or someone else?
  8. FaithInIrishForever
    07-21-2014 03:00 AM
    13. riggs(just posted)
    14. Corey Robinson
    15. Isaac Rochell/Ishaq Williams/Romeo Okwara you pick please or choose someone else
  9. FaithInIrishForever
    07-20-2014 11:37 PM
    Who do you like next? Its a spot I had Riggs, But we Could Reach with Councell, Ishaq, Okwara. Hard to go Grace given we don't know if and when he'll play. Let me know.
  10. FaithInIrishForever
    07-19-2014 07:08 PM
    I guess Nick Martin is next whenever you want. It looks like you all were having a nice discussion about cornerbacks, so take your time
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