Happy New Year! :
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Thursday, 31 December 2009
Tough Shoes To Fill
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Wednesday, 30 December 2009
Who will step up to the plate with this playmaker heading off into the sunset? The list is long and the talent is wide. From Floyd to Goody, to Parris to Shaq, maybe even a Walker in there too; the cupboard is not empty and Kelly will have a nice array of alternatives to choose from. Besides Floyd, I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of the Hoosier Shaqtus. His measurements are small but he has the raw athleticism to cause major headaches for other teams. Golden's hands are gone and his shoes will be tough to fill, but we still have talent--and not to mention a very quick Toma. But look for Shaq to step up and become the second option. A Marty Gilyard comparison can definitely be made and his shoes will be hard to fill as well.

Still Solid, Despite Florida's Courtship
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Tuesday, 29 December 2009
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