Kicking It With Ryan
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Thursday, 14 August 2008
Kicking through the up-rights, Ryan Burkhart shows his strength. So where has this leg been? Ill tell you. Its always been there; it was more of an accuracy issue that kept him on the sidelines, clean as a whistle. So what about our special teams? This is where Im going to stop you. Did you read what I just wrote? Notre Dame has a kicker who can kick it out of the end zone. Notre Dame has a kicker who can kick it out of the end zone. Is he from Hawaii and is his name Reggie? Nope, his name is Ryan and hes ready to pummel some leather on kick-offs. So whats all of this mean and why is it important? Well, our defense wont be defending on average, fifty-six yards after kick return. Forty-four yards were automatically given up after kick returns because of our inability to put the ball in the end zone. We just got better. Thank you Mr. Walker. With Brandon Walker pushing and jelling with Ryan, he now has corrected his slice and centering the ball down in the end zone on a consistent basis. The importance of competition. Cheers to not watching Penn St. receivers bringing it to the house. What other surprises will there be? Stay tuned, everyday is a different headline.
College Football Fueled By Emotion
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Saturday, 09 August 2008
Come witness the ultimate season of change, more than a colored leaf landing in the library fountain, one of historic proportions. Gold will be the color of champions once again, shedding the pharisaic shroud of mediocre significance. The end of the line can be so humbling, yet so necessary.

You have to learn how to lose before you learn how to win. The Celtics and the Rays should give comfort in knowing what they accomplished after torrid seasons. All we have are hypothetical guesses and conclusions as to what lies ahead, so I suggest you look further than the usual. In Tenuta we trust, as far as the defense goes, and dont over-look Mr. Brown and what he could do for you. A dynamic duo, who have joined forces reminiscent of the boys in tights. I want to go to the NFL someday but also be prepared mentally for it, and Corwin can do that said newly acquired defensive back E.J. Banks, who spurned the Buckeyes for a recovering 3-9 Irish squad.

Harrison Smith is a name, which will likely be a broken record come fall. I have a strong feeling that we will be playing a nickel defense, 70 percent of the time, putting Mr. Smith out there for the safe-backer blitz. I like the coaching of our defensive backs too. It seems theyve been coached to bump the receiver and not let him dictate what and when, which I would attribute to Corwin. One more name to watch according to the chief himself would be Brian Smith. It sounds like we really got a plan A guy out of an expected plan B.

With all of the negative media expectations, it takes some gall to write encouraging articles. Yeah, I know its true, us diehards will scream national championship every year but thats all passion talking. When was the last time the two worst professional teams in baseball and basketball, pulled a giddy-up U-turn? Might we follow in those prints laid before us? I hope so. All the rest is baseless, speculative, hypothetical, and I love it. Why so serious asks Joker in the new Dark Knight-Batman movie, and he has a point. Why drag up all the boring stats and formulated calculations deducting 6-9 wins? Do you think Doc Rivers was researching numbers from the previous season; I doubt it.

Once it happens, it happens. Theres no need to complicate the process involved in an emotion-filled season. College football runs on emotion, the new smart fuel. Its what separates it from all the other sports. Its not predictable, and sometimes unreliable, but its the foundation in which Notre Dame must rebuild. I want to be more approachable, replied Charlie Weis. I hope he follows through with his intended response, and I hope our team follows his lead as well.
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E.J. Banks Chooses The Irish
Posted by Don Juan   
Friday, 08 August 2008
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