Think Inside the Box
Posted by Don Juan   
Sunday, 21 June 2009
What changed during the end of November through the end of December? Was there a transformation of physical abilities? Or was there a change in attitude? Maybe the weather allowed for QB protection? Or maybe the laid back atmosphere provided for better field-vision? Could it also be the long trip gave our athletes time to reflect back on second-half, blown, double-digit leads?

The islands might have some aerial magic in them. It seems that QBs have their best games here. Chang, Brennan, and then passed on to Clausen--could this just be an anomaly? Or is there more to the story? Maybe the artificial turf gives better grip for cutbacks and blocking?

I think the one thing missing in the last couple of years, and some of you have mentioned this as well in the General forum; is a leader who invokes fire and team unity. Could the presence of Charlie Weis scare this type of behavior off? And does our team play scared and nervous wondering if theyre going to be yanked and reamed a new one? I think theres some credence to this belief.

I remember playing basketball in high school and having a Norman Dale-type of coach, who scared most guys on our team to underperforming. He would use scare tactics to get what he wanted. If the star didnt have 30 paint touches, then the team (minus the star) would be running or doing a thousand boards. This, from my experience, only works for the kid who needed discipline; the bad egg so to speak.

Is this the same type of emotional-kidnapping that Notre Dame is facing with a heavy-handed, domineering coach? It very well could be--and yes Ill point to the Hawaii game for reference. I think its more than happenstance that Corwin Brown is learning to be the on-field communicator; or the assistant coach whos trusted by Charlie to be able to call the shots. The injured legs will provide Charlie with wiggle-room to make this bold move.

I think Charlie will be up in the box. I think that all of this smoke about being a coach on the field is just another one of his Belichick-learned behaviors; to out-fox his opponents, never giving any type of an edge to his opposition--I should say perceived edge. I think that Maura knows what she is talking about. To you who feel a head coach should be on the field, well youre probably right. But we dont have that type of dynamic, that personable coach. What we have is a strategist whose asset is best implemented while in the box. So think inside the box. Think about what we have and not what we should have. We dont have a Pete Carroll running along the sidelines, high-fiving and slapping players on their asses. We have a Norman Dale whod be better wrapped in glass. And like Hoosiers, maybe its a coincidence that our coachs star player is named Jimmy? Lets hope it yields the same result!
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God is Great, Beer is Good, & People are Crazy
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Friday, 19 June 2009
Some of us like to wallow in self-pity, given Notre Dames decade-long era of sucking. We duck when we walk into work, hoping our workmates dont remember the ball being snapped over Armandos head. We even ignore the phone ringing after Charlie calls for a fake punt in our own territory at the start of yet another BCS bloodbath. We purposely slam the Irish in front of our peers hoping to portray a disgusted, embarrassed, who gives a shit-type of fan. Ill just not be a Notre Dame fan anymore you think to yourself, engaging a natural defense mechanism weve grown accustomed to. If I act like it doesnt suck, then it wont. If I act like it doesnt hurt, then it wont as well. People are Crazy.

Then there are some of us who are eternal optimists. Its like we have an infinite amount of cheeks you know; to turn every time somebody hits us? We walk around seeing the good, usually having a much better outlook on life as well. Despite our offensive line getting out-manned by a tiny-fielded Navy unit, we see that we kept their rushing attack down from their usually-high, nation-leading statistics. We like to shine bright when the suns out and Notre Dame is winning, yet we tone it down a notch when the Irish stink, only sharing with fellow bloggers and forum followers are viewpoints, as most of the world couldnt care less. We scream of the Hawaii game comparing the margin of victory to Floridas and suggesting a correlation that would put Notre Dame just a hair behind the national champions--oh, and we think Beer is Good.

So here we all are, mixed into a bowl of nuts, some of us saltier than others. We coexist and sometimes switch-hit, it s part of the game. Often times we butt heads trying to ram our philosophies down our neighbors throat, or in this case, the fat guy on the other side of the screen. But theres unity and a shared insanity. We all come together for Saturdays in the fall and beat the dust out of our couch cushions. Our remotes are all missing the battery door and have been taped repeatedly. Some of us have even acquired our Journeymans card in plastering/dry-walling. Were all nuts! Were crazy too. But we can all find solace in agreeing on one thing: God is Great, and so is Notre Dame football!
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He's Coming...To Your City
Posted by Don Juan   
Thursday, 18 June 2009
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