Fed To The Trojans, A Look At Their Friday Routine
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Saturday, 22 November 2008
Light Still Out-Shines Dark
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Monday, 17 November 2008
Notre Dame Pictures, Images and Photos I guess I need a muse. My failure to come up with anything positive is surely not an uncommon thing. But why write about something the media is already well representing? What news is that, the same old negative banter leaving us with a nice reminder of how our team under-performs. Well this is the anti article. Kind of the ginger to the sushi as I hope it takes away the taste.

The defense played pretty well. Anyone who suggests otherwise must have missed the game. We held a team who rushes for over three hundred yards, to only one hundred and seventy four. Not too shabby. Theres always room for improvement, but as a whole, they should be commended.

The play calling was pretty good too. Charlie found out that the screens and the quick handoffs with the pulling guards were working, so he kept at it. No deep throws with their blanket coverage was by his design. Take what they give you and so he did.

Jimmy still has serious issues with telegraphing his throws. This isnt high school Jimmy, defensive backs know that you do this and pick you off pretty routinely. Charlie has to get on him for this.

The splits on defense looked great! They kept a two foot gap between each other forcing the option that much farther out, allowing our defensive backs more time to get up-field. Good call to whomever made that decision.

James Aldridge looked great. No hesitation just a quick burst up the middle with both arms wrapping up the football--a great game for him and the rest of our running backs.

Our special teams looked pretty horrid and its something that needs addressed promptly.

A win is a win though, but its really unfortunate to lose players to injury, the type of players who make impacts. God speed to their recovery!

I guess when you evaluate our team, you can chose to notice the entire package, or just certain aspects of it. Ill do the earlier. Why not? Do I want to lose more sleep? I understand the weaknesses and I am not wearing blinders. But why not mention some good in all this mess?
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A Cuse Preview
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Monday, 17 November 2008
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