Give Me Some Shaq
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Friday, 07 November 2008
ND vs BC, 2007
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Wednesday, 05 November 2008
Its Not Football Without The Brat
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Thursday, 30 October 2008
Bratwurst Pictures, Images and Photos .

We all gather here to pine our opinions and wage our schematic ideas on what to do for the next game, and its always the same. Notre Dame plays--win or lose--we all bitch about something lacking somewhere. Anywhere. On the field, in the box, out in the parking lots riding on horses, nothing is safe from the fanatics critiquing. There is always room for improvement! But the atmosphere of the game is arguably outside in the quads, standing on ladders screaming for your support.

Megaphones, barely dressed women in green paint, and short redheaded guys doing cartwheels need your salty palate for support. Support for what you might ask? Maybe for fraternity reasons, I dont really know why? But who really cares anyways? Sit down under a tree, eat your brat, listen to the band play over on the steps, and drink a cola. Whats to complain about now? Is the dog too hot, did the foil come off in the bun? .

Sometimes the simple things go unnoticed, the usher who pointed out the bookstore to you when it was pouring down rain, or the policeman who bandaged up your sons knee when he fell down playing quad football. Lets all take a chill pill and relax, eat a brat, and sip on some delicious cola. If youre missing out on college footballs greatest brat fest, then youre probably missing out on all of the other things as well. Dont leave the ladder guy hanging, hes just as important as the guys on the field.
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