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Tuesday, 28 July 2009
Explosive playmaking ability has shot this defensive-back up to an elite level of recruitment. Can the Irish lure him in with the possibility of two Florida boys manning the backfield? One thing's for sure though. dem Florida boys are off the hizzo...or in proper vernacular, these Florida athletes are very athletic. Who'd want to throw on them? That's the message being sent to Palmdale by staff and other verbals. Others referring to Chris Martin in particular. I'm pulling for Chris to reign him in.

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Cameron Oh Cameron
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Tuesday, 28 July 2009
Cameron Roberson is a name on the tip of every recruitnik's tongue. Darius Walker meets a healthy Robert Hughes so to speak, would be a fair comparison. Standing a little over 6 feet tall and weighing 215 pounds, Cameron would bring an already-sturdy, college football-type of body to one lucky team. With offers up and down the west coast, this 4-star Californian back should be hard to pull, right? Not according to recent reports. It's been said Mr. Roberson is "really excited" about his Notre Dame offer and that it won't take much to get his pledge. We shall see though as we've all heard this before. Maybe I should just say we have no chance with him so that we can all be excited if he commits? Consider Cameron a bonus get. A big bull of a back but with the shiftiness needed for running Charlie's screen game--but we have no chance at him, zero.

Notre Dame Wins 19-3 Over Japan!
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Saturday, 25 July 2009
Six practices are all it took for a group of aging business men to come together under one motivational coach. Imagine having him for a month in the spring and then for an entire season? You just can't say enough about the power of that wee little man. Two bowls in a row now folks! I propose paying Dr. Lou to give the pep talks before, during and as needed. There should be a recorded CD of Lou yelling or instilling motivation so that Corwin can play it on the sideline at will. Or an animatronic version that grabs facemasks and kicks footballs in furious fits--we could feed it with hand-picked grass. From a Ron Israel interception, then onto a Goolsby interception and return, to a Hasbrook safety; defense was again key for the Irish Legends of the past. Look for all of the drug stores to be out of Icy Hot as these players have undoubtably used up the national ration.

The game will be replayed tomorrow at 2:50 EST. Here's the link for you to copy:

Here's the air information for the US as well: CBS College Sports Network, the original 24-hour sports network, will broadcast the Notre Dame Japan Bowl to a nationwide audience in the United States on Monday, August 10 (9:00 PM, ET; taped 7/25/09) as part of the Network's "Countdown to Kickoff Week" programming.

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