Quick Look @ Braxton
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Wednesday, 13 January 2010
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Overlooked Not Overmatched
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Wednesday, 13 January 2010
Sometimes good QBs go unnoticed. I know its a hard pill to swallow given todays use of the internet but sometimes it does happen. You know, the Larry Bird discovered shooting at the side of his barn on a court of dirt-type of player? These players arent any lesser in quality because they lack the combine-type exposure, they just lack the exposure. Well one of these unknowns just so happens to be a QB.

He grew up in Manhattans Upper West Side but chose to concentrate on baseball instead of football. When he finally decided to participate in football, the glory and hype machines had already been turned off because of his late start. No sexy combine numbers and elite 11 QB camps to splash all over the net. No cattle-prodded "Under Armour" shirts with his name tattooed on them, just a simple boy looking to compete at his high school, and a kid with a great understanding of how to remain calm when under great pressure.

Cole Marcoux has taken the recruiting nation by storm. There are no pictures of a soldier and Cole holding up an Army All-American Game jersey because he won a contest for a reality show in which the prize was a spot at the game. A highly unusually way to get in, but it worked. Throughout the game against the nations best, Cole proved to be the best of the best. He threw for 99 yards (5-8) with one of the passes being a beautifully thrown deep ball which the receiver dropped.

The rest of the highly-touted QBs on his squad were a measly 3-15 for 47 yards. You can come to your own conclusion on that. When asked by the South Bend Tribunes, Eric Hansen, of what he thought about Notre Dame, Cole replied: All I know is that I can't imagine any high school football player who wouldn't be interested if Notre Dame ever came calling,

It sounds like the 6'5" Cole Marcoux is about to get the pub he rightfully deserves. If Notre Dame extends an offer to this Dartmouth verbal, expect there to be more than just curiosity coming from Manhattan.

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Scotty Young, Come On Down
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Monday, 11 January 2010

Passing for 4,500 yards and 65 touchdowns will definitely get you noticed, and with Notre Dame's QB depth being possibly filled with a current WR, connecting with Texas's former Gatorade Player of the Year ('08), Scotty Young; will prove to be a wise decision.

Going back to the well to gather more capable bodies will be a priority for Brian Kelly and staff if they want to be able to compete at a high level, and offering a scholly to a floundering Texas Tech commit might just be what the Dr. Lou ordered.

You can never underestimate the importance of preparedness and given Brian Kelly's experience with replacing QB's, the importance is noted. Look for Scotty Young to keep his options open while waiting for Tommy Tuberville to name a staff.

He just might choose to don the blue and gold, especially looking at how coach Kelly developes QB's. Huge numbers and a seemingly perfect offensive fit, are probably why Notre Dame fans are salivating for Young.

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