Scotty Young, Come On Down
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Monday, 11 January 2010

Passing for 4,500 yards and 65 touchdowns will definitely get you noticed, and with Notre Dame's QB depth being possibly filled with a current WR, connecting with Texas's former Gatorade Player of the Year ('08), Scotty Young; will prove to be a wise decision.

Going back to the well to gather more capable bodies will be a priority for Brian Kelly and staff if they want to be able to compete at a high level, and offering a scholly to a floundering Texas Tech commit might just be what the Dr. Lou ordered.

You can never underestimate the importance of preparedness and given Brian Kelly's experience with replacing QB's, the importance is noted. Look for Scotty Young to keep his options open while waiting for Tommy Tuberville to name a staff.

He just might choose to don the blue and gold, especially looking at how coach Kelly developes QB's. Huge numbers and a seemingly perfect offensive fit, are probably why Notre Dame fans are salivating for Young.

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The Jesus Shuttlesworth of Football
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Saturday, 09 January 2010

When Kyle Prater learned of Pete Carroll's new job, it hit particularly close to his heart. In fact, he was speechless. It took a couple of interview attempts to actually get something to write down.

But what was made perfectly clear is that Kyle won't be enrolling early at USC. Upon speaking with his family and re-evaluating his priorities, Kyle Prater will then make another important decision--his college choice.

As many Notre Dame fans clamor to the hope that this Proviso West standout will rethink his opportunity to play for the Irish, one thing is certain; he got game.

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A Guy Walks Into a Barr...
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Thursday, 07 January 2010

When Charlie Weis recruited Anthony Barr, the message was clear. "You're best suited as a LB in the pros so that's where I'll put ya" was the mutual understanding. Being 6'4" and weighing 230 doesn't normally translate over to the RB position; normally. But when Brian Kelly talked with Anthony, the message was different. "We need playmakers on the field, and if that means you'll be playing on offense; so be it."

I think Anthony Barr liked the idea of being able to compete at a position he's excelled at throughout his highschool career, and according to my peeps, will be inking with the Irish in early February. Look for more concentration on the college side of things when it comes to recruiting from Brian Kelly and staff; after all, this is college and someone will undoubtedly walk into this Barr.

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