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Friday, 12 September 2008
Which Notre Dame team shows up against Michigan? Is it the one we witnessed last Saturday-- turning the ball over four times and squandering scoring opportunities? Or is the one that plays nasty for four quarters, begging opponents to come out of that tunnel? Oh yeahwe have never seen that with this team. So how can we ask that question? If we have never seen this other team, what leads us to believe there is one?

With the possibility of rain looking more promising than not, the Irish hope to minimize their turnovers from last weekpreferably noneand gain more and more confidence through out the game, propelling them to victory. Or so they say.

You know what we have going for us, zero respectability. Thats normally the goat that ropes the game. Since we dont have any, we should have nothing to lose. We should blitz the hell out of their three-headed quarterback, and when were done bringing the heat, we should bring some more. The wet ball should be thrown 40 times, multiple reverses need to be ran, and direct snaps to Allen to keep them off balance. Why not?

One thing is clear when reading most team summaries, Notre Dame sucks. Their offensive line is awful, their recruiting is abysmal, and their coach is fat. Since this is the case, why shouldnt we try some trickery? Perhaps a flea-flicker or two, or maybe a WR screen with Tate, something or anything but normal. Normalcy needs to be forgotten, since Notre Dames a back page story now.

Come on Lou; tell us what we need to know. Tell us how it used to be-- back when the Irish mattered. Tell Charlie and Mike Haywood to unleash the fury. Tell the team to unleash the furyto play with a reckless abandon. Suggest to the fans, to not allow the audibles to be heard. Unleash the fury Notre Dame; its about damn time.
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