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Sunday, 11 November 2007
So here we are Irish fans, the day after next. We've all awaken to a new day and a new team. Transition is the passing or change from one place, condition, style to another. In Laymen's Terms, we're obviously not, the 2 prior years, anymore. So what are we? Do you know? Does anyone? But that's part of transition! Do you know what could come next? Now, to be able to reasonably speculate on our future, we have to look at the facts.

Fact 1.) The schedule next year, gives our youth a chance to see positives from game to game, hence; boosting our team morale and spirit. (Which plays huge dividends in college football) Also providing a strong enough S.O.S. for a hopeful bowl designation. Though not as front loaded as this year, still a tough but more manageable road to climb. "this ain't intramural's brother"

Fact 2.) The nation is focused on Notre Dame. You can't buy over-exposure (see Oregon). With exposure, come the opportunities to perform on a national stage.

Fact 3.) Notre Dame's defense is much improved. Albeit the numbers and stats may say another, the proof is in the pudding. If you have any doubts on this matter, simply watch the first half of one of Notre Dame's games.

Fact 4.) We are extremely young in every category imaginable. Who's making the beer run? They might have to wait until old man Jimmy is of proper age, but given off field incidents, don't bank on it.

Fact 5.) Charlie has a determination to win. This is a huge deal! When a coach shows his players his relentless approach to work and get better, it acts as a goal in which they can set there sights on. You always want a coach, who wants it more than his players. In this, we have Charlie. I'm pretty sure he sucks at golf!

Fact. 6.) Notre Dame is #1 in recruiting! To see past a 1-8 team positively, one must have an impact base to build on. This is it folks, call Mark May and tell him the news. This is with out a doubt, the best class Notre Dame has ever recruited. It fills the holes and adds the depth. It increases the talent tenfold. It shows immediate impact next year, immediate! It solidifies the hopes of Domers everywhere.

Changes might happen from here till then, but for the better. Perhaps a new outlook as the dust settles on this season arises? Hope is on the sidelines, waiting, watching, learning college football. Next fall, there are signs that this team will function as a unit and not just separate entities. There are facts that suggest our corners won't be off their receivers 10 feet. There are facts to suggest that our running backs will gain ground. There are facts that suggest we will have a good defense. And there are facts that lead us to believe in Charlie Weis as Notre Dame's head coach. With all of our uncertainty, know this. There is hope and good reason for it. Notre Dame is in transition, so are we. Let's think about the facts and relay them to this season. Remember after this "Armageddon" of a season, there is always the day after next.

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