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Monday, 17 September 2007

Apparently, Demetrius Jones does not know how to handle himself on the field, or off of it.

Just two weeks after starting for Notre Dame in their season opener against Georgia Tech, Jones has transfered from South Bend to NIU, saying that he was "misled" by Coach Weis into thinking he earned the starter Quarterback position.

"When I heard Jimmy was the No. 1 all the way through spring and that the only thing that was keeping him out of the lineup was his surgery, well that's not what I was led to believe going into the summer," Jones told the South Bend Tribune for a story Monday. "I thought I was getting a chance because coach Weis believed in me. Then I didn't know what to believe anymore."

So apparently, quitting without warning was the obvious answer. Jones, who didn't show up for the bus to the Michigan game, gave no apparent warning to anyone, including players, coaches, or even his own mother.

Jones' mother told the Tribune on Saturday morning that she believed her son was done at Notre Dame, though she was not 100 percent sure.

Amist all the confusion, Jones, at some point before Wednesday's cut off date, enrolled at NIU, thus allowing him to finish the semester there by their standards. Jones also believes that he will be playing for NIU next year.

Of course, if NIU has seen what has happened so far, they might look really hard before giving the nod to Jones. Take into account everything that has been done. Lets give Jones the benefit of the doubt on a few things.

Lets say, for argument's sake, that Coach Weis misled Jones. Lets say that it was entirely Weis' fault, and that Weis did not do a good job in clearly stating his intentions.

Lets say, for argument's sake, that Jones was really not given a great chance to be the Quarterback for the Irish. He was shredded in one half of play, and never saw another snap. Assuming that he was pulled prematurely, and assuming that he was the right man for the job, and assuming that he was misled, what he did was still immature and inexcusable.

Under no circumstances, should a player ever have to result to this. As an adult (this is still debatable after his actions), he should have talked to Coach Weis about how he felt. He should have made clear HIS intentions, and let Coach Weis know that this was not satisfactory. If he wanted to truly be the leader on this football team, then he should have started by being a leader (and an adult) off the field, and conversing with Weis before making his decision. Even if Weis could do nothing but point towards the door, at least then, Jones would have notified the appropriate person and while the split would be harsh, it would not be a burnt bridge. This is, of course, assuming that all of this is Weis' fault to begin with. Judging by the actions of Weis and Jones over the last few days, I find that very difficult to believe.

If NIU really wants to have him on their football team, that is, of course, their initiative to do so. However, I am not sure I would want someone on a football team that was self-centered enough to abandon his team and coach three weeks into the season. I wouldn't want someone who couldn't conduct themselves as an adult. I wouldn't want Demetrius Jones.

College is a time when a young person becomes an adult through education. It is a time when football players learn to carry themselves as adults on, and off the field. Given his actions, I would suggest that Jones should enroll in his old high school before enrolling in another institute of higher learning. At least in his high school, he could act, and be treated like, a child.

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